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Aircraft charter on demand | 24/7 operation


We Connect You With The World

Request a charter


We Connect You With The World

Request a charter


We Connect You With The World

Request a charter

Fly Direct To Your Destination, Anywhere, Anytime, All Ways

We take pride in offering a professional and dedicated service.
With attention to detail, we tailor your travel experience to the highest level.


Copenhagen AirTaxi provides executive charter, AD HOC charter and Coorporate Shuttle. We are operating in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Our service is concentrated around your needs. That means no more layovers – you decide when and where you want to fly. We provide you with the right aircraft, catering, handling and airport to make your travel as flexible and convenient as possible – saving you valurable time.

Safety is our uppermost priority with you onboard. Our crew is constantly tested to the highest standard in aviation. All our aircraft have high safety records and features a spacious cabin with modern comfortable interior.

Flying with Copenhagen AirTaxi gets you from a to b faster and more comfortable. From the moment, you arrive at the airport until we’re airborne, takes no more than 10 minutes.



Airline operation between Roskilde and the danish islands Anholt and Laesoe.

Tourists, islanders and business people on Anholt and Laesoe can save valuable time on transport to and from Denmark’s most beautiful islands with our scheduled flights “Rutetaxa”.

We have up to 40 flights per week – depending on the season – and no matter when you are travelling, we can bring you to Anholt in 35-45 minutes and Laesoe in 55-75 minutes.


Authorized weighing of aircraft up to 5.700 kg and making of weight- and balance report

Engines – replacement, repair, check and changes/alterations

Components – replacement and repair

Propeller – replacement and repair

50/100 hour inspection (general and major inspection)

2.200 hours or 12 years inspections on Robinson helicopters

Ground handling such as, refueling of your aircraft, catering and driving to the airside

Maintenance of NiCad and Lead Acid batteries

Base & Line maintenance

Avionics (installation, changes and tests)


Part-145 and CAMO Specilizing In General Aviation!


“Before purchase” inspection with review of aircraft installations

Registration of your aircraft

Review and renewal of your aircraft’s airworthiness

Be helpful in understanding the extent of an overhaul on your aircraft


C 2 Auto Flight
C 3 Comms & Nav
C 5 Electrical Power & Lights
C 13 Indicating – recording system